What is Pelvic Health Physiotherapy and how can it help women of all ages?

Pelvic health physiotherapy is a branch of physiotherapy dedicated to pelvic floor rehabilitation and the treatment of all women’s health conditions during and after pregnancy. It is extremely important for women to make sure their pelvic floor and core muscles around the area are strong to avoid any further postnatal conditions such as incontinence, pelvic pain, prolapse organs, back pain, or diastasis recti.

Pelvic health physio can also help with sexual dysfunction and sexual pain (exp: vaginismus), bladder control, pelvic floor control, and prenatal conditions.

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy and Pelvic Health Physiotherapists

What is Pelvic Health Physiotherapy?

Pelvic health physiotherapy is a specialized form of physiotherapy that focuses on the musculoskeletal and nervous system disorders of the pelvis. Pelvic floor rehabilitation is a key focus of pelvic health physiotherapy, as the pelvic floor can often be the root cause of many pelvic disorders. Urogynecologic physiotherapy focuses on treating conditions related to the female reproductive organs and urinary system. Obstetrics and gynecology rehabilitation is another key focus of pelvic health physiotherapy, as this can help prevent or treat various pregnancy and postpartum complications. Pelvic health physiotherapy can offer significant relief from pain and other symptoms associated with these disorders, improve quality of life, and help patients return to their normal activity levels

What is the goal of Pelvic Health Physiotherapy?

Pelvic health physiotherapy’s goal is to improve or resolve all the different types of conditions affecting the pelvis and pelvic floor muscles in women. Pelvic health physiotherapists also have the goal to make women aware of the different solutions during and after pregnancy that can be treated by simple pelvic floor exercises. Most pelvic health conditions are linked to pelvic floor muscles being stretched, so the goal of the pelvic health physio will be to strengthen these muscles and improve their function. In some cases where the pelvic floor is too tight (exp: vaginismus) the pelvic health physio’s goal will be to help these muscles relax in order to reduce the pain.

What are the Benefits of Pelvic Health Physiotherapy?

Pelvic-Floor-Physiotherpy-Pelvic health physiotherapy helps relieve symptoms associated with women’s health issues such as urinary incontinence, prolapse, pelvic pain, and sexual dysfunction. Pelvic health physiotherapy is an effective treatment option for many women suffering from pelvic floor disorders.

Pelvic health is not only efficient for women who just had a baby, but pelvic floor rehabilitation can also help older women who have urinary incontinence due to their age and their muscle losing their tonus over time. The rehabilitation principles will be the same.

When can I start pelvic health physiotherapy after giving birth?

Pregnancy has a big impact on your body and energy, it is important to let the body rest and recover as much as possible by itself before starting any pelvic floor exercises. Starting too early will actually be damaging for your pelvic muscle if they haven’t recovered from giving birth. The general rule, that we are also following in the clinic, is to wait at least 6 weeks after the delivery.

For older women, there is no time restriction to start their rehabilitation.

What is the length of a pelvic health physiotherapy session?

Your first session with a pelvic health physiotherapist will last between 45 minutes and one hour and will include assessment and treatment. Most of the follow-up will last 30 minutes where the physio will do hands-on treatment, showing you the correct pelvic floor exercises and giving you pelvic floor training to do at home.

What is a pelvic health physiotherapist?

Pelvic health physiotherapists are trained to assess and treat a variety of urogynecology conditions, including Pelvic pain – Urinary incontinence – Pelvic floor dysfunction – prolapse – Sexual dysfunction. They have to undergo strict post-diploma training to be able to qualify as women’s health physiotherapists. During this training, they will learn the anatomy of the pelvic area (bones, muscles, ligaments), how to assess the pelvic floor manually and externally, and finally all the different exercises and techniques necessary to rehabilitate all the different types of women’s conditions using pelvic floor rehabilitation. A good pelvic health physio will also need to gain experience in treating women until they feel comfortable in treating all conditions, from simple incontinence to a grade 3 prolapse.

Consulting a pelvic health physiotherapist is extremely beneficial for those suffering from pelvic floor disorders. It will improve symptoms, reduce pain, and restore normal function.

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How much does a pelvic health physiotherapy session cost?

While the cost of pelvic health physiotherapy can vary, it is generally affordable and covered by most insurance plans. If you think pelvic health physiotherapy may be right for you, you can book an appointment with our certified pelvic health physiotherapist. In our women’s health clinic, the price for an initial pelvic health physiotherapy session will cost £80 including a full pelvic floor assessment. A follow-up physiotherapy session will then cost £70.

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How many pelvic health physiotherapy sessions do I need?

The number of sessions necessary for your pelvic floor rehabilitation will vary depending on your condition as some pelvic conditions can be more complicated than others. For instance, if you are consulting your women’s health physiotherapist for incontinence, it will be much faster than if you have chronic pelvic pain.

To be able to do your pelvic floor rehabilitation properly, you will need to be aware of your pelvic floor muscle to be able to contract them correctly and not contract the muscles around your pelvic floor. So your awareness of your pelvic floor is an important factor in the number of sessions necessary. The faster you feel and understand your pelvic floor, the faster you will be able to do more exercises at home in order to progress.

For general information, in our clinic, the average amount of pelvic health sessions with our women’s health physio is between 4 and 6 sessions.

What can I expect from a pelvic health physiotherapy session?

Pelvic health physiotherapy can provide many benefits for women of all ages. From improving posture and incontinence to reducing pain during pregnancy, pelvic physiotherapy can help improve your quality of life If you are suffering from any pelvic health issues, be sure to consult with a physiotherapist to see if this type of therapy is right for you.

What Conditions can Pelvic Health Physiotherapy treat?

Pelvic health physiotherapy treats a variety of different conditions. These conditions include :

  • Anatomy-of-pelvic-floorIncontinence
  • prolapse
  • diastasis recti
  • abdominal toning
  • pelvic pain
  • sexual dysfunction
  • pain during sex
  • vaginismus
  • back pain
  • pelvic girdle pain
  • chronic pelvic pain
  • endometriosis
  • and more

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy, an effective treatment for women

Pelvic health physiotherapy is an effective treatment for these conditions. If you are suffering from any of these women’s health conditions, consider seeking out pelvic health physiotherapy as a possible treatment option. Your quality of life will increase as you won’t have the burden of these conditions that can be taboo for some but that can be treated so easily when women are aware that it is available to them.

Pelvic health physiotherapy, urogynecology physiotherapy, pelvic floor rehabilitation, and obstetrics and gynecology rehabilitation are all evidence-based treatments for conditions affecting the pelvic region.

If you or a friend of yours is suffering and is not aware of the possible treatments, making them aware that it is available, will be one of the best birth presents you can give them.

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