Flat Stomach

Regain a flat stomach after pregnancy, London physiotherapy and fitness after pregnancy


During pregnancy you will experience a lot of change, both physically and emotionally. Your body will change to accommodate the new life you are bringing into the world and as your hormones change and the baby grows, you will gain weight and your belly will grow considerably. The fact that your belly grows, will stretch your abdominal muscles over the months of pregnancy which will make them lose their tone. It is normal for new mothers to worry about what will happen to their body after giving birth and to want to return to their previous shape and fitness, so they can feel completely themselves again.

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If you’re feeling anxious about starting to exercise again to get back in shape and rebuild a flat and strong stomach after your pregnancy, consider the importance of completing your pelvic floor rehabilitation first. Your body needs time to recover. Starting abdominal exercises or lifting weights and even just running with a weak pelvic floor can be dangerous and increases the risk or incontinence and prolapse. It is therefore imperative to first strengthen your pelvic floor muscles through specialised physiotherapy in order to stabilise your pelvis and lower back and avoid back and spine injuries.

Twelve to sixteen weeks after giving birth, and once you have completed your pelvic floor re-education, you can return to a normal exercise routine. Lighter exercise such as swimming and low impact aerobics are recommended initially.

Our London physiotherapist specialised in women’s health will create an exercise programme for you and gradually increase the intensity of the exercise according to your ability and progress. Excellence Physiotherapy London offers both abdominal rehabilitation and a complete fitness programme, tailored by our London based physiotherapists.

Abdominal and fitness sessions can be carried out at your home in London or at the practice. The physiotherapist and fitness coach will guide you through efficient and safe exercises that will help you regain a flat stomach, using different modern techniques, such as hypopressive gymnastic, adapted to your post-pregnancy requirements.

The hypopressive method is proven to increase tone of the core muscles and give a flat stomach effectively. It is the most efficient method to get a flat tummy after giving birth, as it is low impact on your perineum and helps tone the abdominal muscles without the fear or diastasis (abdominal muscle separation).

Excellence Physiotherapy offers home visit sessions within London or sessions at either of the two Light Centre practices: Belgravia near Victoria station, or London Wall near Moorgate station, in the heart of the City, where you can relax and also have access to other services.

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