After Breast cancer

Lymphatic drainage after breast cancer in London

Physiotherapy treatment after breast cancer surgery


Women with breast cancer might need to undergo surgery as part of their treatment.  This includes procedures such as:

  • Biopsy
  • Lymph node removal
  • Lumpectomy
  • Mastectomy
  • Breast reconstruction

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How our London based physiotherapist can help after a breast cancer surgery ?

All these procedures might affect the range of motion of your arm and shoulder and cause pain and stiffness. All this in turn will affect your ability to carry out day to day tasks independently. Breast cancer physiotherapy treatment can help reduce the levels of pain and discomfort and improve function, flexibility and the range of movement in your shoulder and arm.

The removal of lymph nodes after breast cancer can also cause secondary lymphoedema, which can be treated with specific manual Lymphatic drainage to reduce the swelling. This is a special kind of massage performed by our specialised physiotherapist based in London, in order to move fluid from the affected area to an area where the lymphatic system works properly. It is a gentle massage and won’t cause any pain or discomfort.

If you have had lymph node biopsy or removal during your breast cancer surgery, you may also experience cording as a side effect. This refers to the feeling of having a tight cord running down the affected arm, from the armpit to the elbow, or sometimes down the entire arm. This will make lifting your arms or extending your elbow fully painful and tight. Cording can be treated by manual therapy in order to release the cord tissue, in combination with stretching and flexibility exercises, which can improve your range of motion.

Fatigue management is also an important part of your rehabilitation process after surgery for breast cancer. Our specialised London physiotherapist can give you advice on energy conservation and create a gradual exercise programme, tailored to your energy levels and abilities, so you can regain strength and vitality.

We offer treatment at home in London, in order to maximise your comfort after surgery. However, if you prefer, we also offer treatment at one of Light Centre practices: Belgravia near Victoria station, or London Wall near Moorgate station. Please contact us for more information or to book an appointment.

Our physiotherapy and osteopathy treatments are covered by most health insurances and are Bupa registered & recognised (BUPA Global and BUPA UK), Axa registered & recognised (AXA International, AXA ppp), Cigna registered & recognised and WPA registered & recognised

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