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Mummy’s Physio MOT– The Best Postnatal Assessment in London, with our Postnatal Physiotherapists Postnatal MOT Specialists.  Home Visit Postnatal Mummy’s Physio MOT or at our Physio Clinic in Monument Moorgate, Belgravia and Clapham

What Is Mummy’s Physio Postnatal MOT? A Thorough Postnatal Assessment done by a Postnatal Physiotherapy expert

Mummy MOT

If you’re looking for postnatal physiotherapy assessment, a Mummy’s Physio MOT is a must-have assessment for all new mothers. Pregnancy and childbirth can put a lot of stress on a woman’s body, leading to postnatal health conditions such as back pain, incontinence, pelvic floor dysfunction, and abdominal diastasis. By detecting these conditions early on, our postnatal physiotherapists can provide the most effective treatment possible.

Our expert postnatal physiotherapists recommend that all new mothers undergo a Mummy’s Physio Postnatal MOT, also known as a postnatal physio assessment. This postnatal physiotherapy assessment provides valuable insights into how your body has reacted to pregnancy and childbirth, and helps our postnatal physiotherapists to determine which postnatal treatments are necessary for your recovery.

By addressing these postnatal conditions early on, we can help you avoid long-term complications and improve your overall quality of life. Trust our team of experienced postntal physio to provide you with the specialized care you need to regain your strength and confidence after childbirth.

When shall I do a Mummy’s Physio Postnatal Mot?

To get the most accurate results from your Mummy’s physio MOT, we recommend scheduling your postnatal assessment six weeks after delivery. This allows your body to recover from childbirth and ensures that the postnatal assessment is as accurate as possible. However, you can book a session at any time after that if you feel that you need it.

Our postnatal physiotherapist advises waiting at least six weeks after delivery to ensure that your body has had time to heal and that the results of the Mummy’s physio MOT  are reliable. By following this recommendation, we can provide you with the most accurate information about your postnatal health and ensure that you receive the best possible Postnatal physiotherapy treatment.

Shall I do a Mummy’s Physio Postnatal Mot if I had a caesarian delivery?

Mummy’s physio MOT is suitable for all moms, regardless of whether they had a vaginal or caesarian delivery. Our expert postnatal physiotherapist will conduct a thorough assessment to check if your pregnancy has caused any conditions that need treatment.

Which Postnatal Conditions Will be Checked during Mummy’s Physio MOT by our Postnatal Physiotherapist?

During your Mummy’s Physio Mot our postnatal physiotherapist will check the following postnatal check up in order to be able to offer you the best postnatal treatment and to create a tailored exercises program:

  • Pelvic Pain check up
  • Incontinence check up
  • Prolapse check up
  • Diastasis check up
  • Menstruation Pain check up
  • Caesarian scar check up
  • Epidural pain check up
  • Back pain check up
  • Joints and Muscles check up
  • Personal Fitness check up

If you are an Axa or Bupa patient, you cannot book online. Please call our office with your authorisation number.

If you cannot find an appointment which suits you or would like a home visit, call us or send us a message: we will do our best to find you a slot.

Postnatal Physiotherapist specialist in Mummy’s Physio postnatal MOT and Pregnancy Recovery in London

Mummy’s Physio MOT, also known as postnatal assessment, is standard practice for women in France after each pregnancy. Our postnatal physio, trained in postnatal assessment and with experience assessing thousands of women, can accurately identify any post-pregnancy conditions that need attention. She will be able to tell you accurately if you have any post pregnancy conditions that need to be taken care of to avoid these conditions to worsen or damage other parts of your body. (E.g.: a weak pelvic floor will bring back pain in the future if not toned enough)

If our postnatal physio finds any conditions during your Mummy’s Physio MOT, she will be able to offer suitable treatment, exercises and advice.

At the end of your Postnatal MOT, you will be able to ask her all the questions you may have so you can leave the assessment happy and reassured.

Mummy’s Physio Postnatal MOT in London at Our Postnatal physio Practices in Monument Moorgate EC3, Belgravia SW1 or Clapham SW4.

We offer Mummy’s Physio MOT at our practices in London:

  • Our clinic in Monument near Bank, Moorgate and London Bridge
  • Our clinic in Belgravia Westminster near Victoria, Knightsbridge and Sloane Square
  • Our clinics in Clapham Common near Battersea and Balham

Mummy’s Physio MOT at Home in London, Postnatal check up Home Visits in London

As a postnatal physiotherapy specialist in London, we understand that many women feel too embarrassed to seek help for their women’s health issues or simply don’t have the time to make it to appointments due to their busy schedules with their new-born or work. That’s why our Mummy’s physio MOT specialised physiotherapist has a solution for you – home visits.

We offer home visits across all of London, providing a convenient and comfortable way for new moms to receive specialised Mummy’s physio MOT sessions to identify any post-pregnancy conditions that may lead to future health issues.

For Mummy’s Physio Postnatal MOT Appointments in London at Home or in Our Practices in Belgravia, Monument Moorgate and Clapham, please call: 02071250262  or 07824553765

Mummy MOT London

Mummy’s Physio Mot, All You Need to Know about Postnatal physio in London

We are using the expertise of our specialised French physiotherapists to help women in London recover after childbirth.

What to Expect from Your Mummy’s Physio Postnatal MOT Appointment?

As a postnatal physiotherapy specialist in London, we recommend all women to have a Mummy MOT assessment after childbirth. During your Mummy’s Physio MOT appointment, our specialized postnatal physiotherapist will ask you questions about any symptoms or problems you are experiencing. She will then assess your posture, the strength and function of your pelvic floor and abdominal muscles, and check how they are recovering after childbirth.

Our Mummy’s Physio MOT will also evaluate any physical problems caused by pregnancy and childbirth, including your back and neck. To assess your condition, our physiotherapist will ask you to perform simple movements and questions about your lifestyle, routine and fitness goals.

At the end of your Postnatal MOT, our women’s health physiotherapist will develop a personalized postnatal recovery plan. This plan will include specific exercises for you to do at home, which will help to improve your core and pelvic floor muscles’ strength, balance, and posture. By following this plan, you can ensure a healthy and successful post-pregnancy recovery.

Why a Mummy’s Physio Postnatal MOT is Necessary?

Post-pregnancy, nearly half of all women experience weakened abdominal or pelvic floor muscles, leading to potential health problems in the future. A third of all women experience pelvic floor dysfunctions, which can develop into chronic conditions if left untreated. A Postnatal MOT can help diagnose and assess these conditions, allowing our specialised postnatal physiotherapists to offer you recovery guidance and targeted exercises. Without the appropriate exercises, these muscles may not reactivate by themselves, leading to poor core strength, back and pelvic pain, bladder and bowel weakness and potentially more severe pathologies. Seek timely help and advice for a healthy and happy postnatal recovery.

Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

The most effective method to treat incontinence, prolapse & tone your pelvic floor muscles

Diastasis Recti Rehabilitation

Abdominal separation, also call diastasis recti, is easily treatable with specific abdominal and breathing exercises

Postnatal physio treatment Following Your Mummy’s Physio Postnatal MOT in London

If following your Mummy’s Physio Mot, you are diagnosed with a condition that needs to be taken care of  our postnatal physiotherapist will be able to treat you with the most modern postnatal rehabilitation.

At Excellence Physiotherapy London, we understand that pregnancy and childbirth can cause significant changes to a woman’s body, leading to various postnatal conditions. That’s why we offer some of the best specialists in treating postnatal medical conditions such as incontinence, prolapse, pelvic floor dysfunctions, painful menstruation, and rehabilitation after caesarean delivery. If, during your Mummy’s Physio Postnatal MOT appointment, our postnatal physiotherapist diagnoses a condition that needs to be addressed, rest assured that we use the most modern postnatal rehabilitation techniques to provide you with the best treatment possible. Our aim is to help you achieve a full recovery and prevent your condition from developing into a long-term pathology.

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If you are an Axa or Bupa patient, you cannot book online. Please call our office with your authorisation number.

If you cannot find an appointment which suits you or would like a home visit, call us or send us a message: we will do our best to find you a slot.