Cigna Registered Osteopath

Book a Cigna approved osteopathy treatment & rehabilitation in London, at home or at our Cigna registered osteopathy practices in Belgravia SW1, Moorgate – Monument EC3 & Clapham SW4 with our Cigna recognised osteopaths in London

Our Cigna preferred team of physiotherapists in London are recognised by Cigna healthcare insurance

Our Cigna referred osteopaths and osteo clinics in London are recognised by Cigna UK healthcare insurance.

How to book an osteopathy appointment with our Cigna referred osteo in London for patients covered by Cigna healthcare insurance

In order to book an initial Cigna osteopathy appointment with our Cigna approved osteopath in one of our Cigna registered osteo practices in London, you need to firstly call your Cigna insurance and tell them you need osteopathy sessions with our clinic by providing them:

  • Our company name: Excellence Physiotherapy
  • Our provider number: A25691

You will need to ask them for the information below:

  • Your Cigna membership number
  • Your Cigna claim number
  • The number of sessions authorised
  • The excess in your policy


Make sure to ask how many sessions you are authorised for – this will help us track the number of sessions you are having and if you reach your limit but still need to pursue your osteo treatment, you will have the possibility to ask Cigna for additional sessions.

If we invoice Cigna directly for you, don’t forget to verify with Cigna if you have an excess to pay in your policy, as this will have to be paid through our Cigna recognised clinic. You can register to our automatic secure debit system in order to pay for your excess the safest and easiest way possible.

Cigna approved osteopathy treatments in London with our Cigna preferred practitioners

After paying for your osteopathy session, you will receive from us an invoice by email that will include:

  • The type of session you had
  • Your Cigna claim number
  • Your Cigna membership number
  • The cost of the session

You will simply need to send this invoice to in order to get fully reimbursed.

For more information about booking an appointment: Contact Us

If you are an Axa or Bupa patient, you cannot book online. Please call our office with your authorisation number.

If you cannot find an appointment which suits you or would like a home visit, call us or send us a message: we will do our best to find you a slot.

Our Cigna recognised osteopaths in London can see you at home or at our osteo clinics in Belgravia SW1, Clapham SW4 and Moorgate – Monument EC3

If you wish to be seen at your own place, our physiotherapists are able to provide you treatments and rehabilitations at your home in London. However, if you prefer coming to one of our practices, we can see you at the Light Centre Belgravia in Westminster SW1 near Victoria Station, at the Light Centre Monument in East London EC3 near London Bridge Bank & Liverpool Street, at the Light Centre Clapham and the Make Me Feel Clapham in South West London SW4 near Clapham Common and Clapham South.

To book a Cigna osteopathy appointment in London, at home or at the practice: 0207 125 0262

F.A.Q about Cigna registered osteopaths and Cigna referred osteo practices in London

By being part of Cigna approved osteo providers, does your Cigna referred osteo clinic guarantee a range of good quality services?

It is important to know that Cigna only accepts the best osteopathy practices, composed with osteopaths fully GOSC registered, with many years of high training and qualifications. Cigna regularly verify that our osteo practices keep their standard up to date in order to maintain and renew each registration.

Which osteopathy treatments provided by our Cigna recognised osteopathy clinics are being covered by Cigna UK?

With Cigna, you can book osteo appointments for any of our osteo treatments.

Here are some examples of our osteopathy services from covered by Cigna in London:

Cigna MSK osteo provider for:

Cigna Women’s health osteo provider for:

Cigna Sports osteo provider for:

Cigna Paediatric osteo provider for:

How can my osteopathy treatments get reimbursed by Cigna?

If Cigna has allowed you sessions for osteopathy treatments, you will have to pay for them upfront and will receive an invoice for every session. You will then have to send these invoices to Cigna who will proceed the refund.

How long does a Cigna preferred osteopathy treatment with one of your Cigna registered osteopaths last?

With Cigna, you can choose the length of your osteo session. An initial session at the practice is 45 minutes long and follow ups can either be 45 minutes or 30 minutes long. An initial session at home is 60 minutes long and follow ups can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes long depending on your needs.

Is it possible to book a Cigna covered osteopathy appointment in London on your online booking system?

If you are covered by Cigna, you can book online your osteopathy appointment, but we will need you to provide us some your Cigna informations in the note section: your authorisation code, membership number and number of sessions authorised, so we can add them on your invoice in order for you to be reimbursed easily.

How do I know if I carry an excess to pay in my contract with Cigna?

When you call Cigna to get your authorisation number for osteo sessions, make sure to ask if you have an excess to pay in your Cigna policy. They will let you know if you do and the amount of it.

How can I pay my Cigna excess?

If we have to invoice Cigna directly for you and you carry an excess to pay in your policy, you will have to pay it directly to our Cigna registered osteo practice.

Three different ways to pay your excess with our practice are possible:

  • Secure automatic debit system: This is the easiest option – simply call our office to book your initial Cigna ostep appointment and give us your card number, expiration date and name (we don’t need your security code). The excess will be automatically deducted once we have invoiced your Cigna insurance and they have confirmed your excess is due. Note that we never take any excess in advance or before Cigna authorises to do so.
  • By debit card over the phone: once you have received your excess confirmation email, call our office to pay it over the phone. Amex and credit cards are not accepted.
  • By bank transfer: when you receive our email confirming your excess is due, you can do a bank transfer to the account details provided in the email.

Cigna osteopathy practices near me

Excellence Physiotherapy is located in four different Cigna approved osteo clinics in London:

  • Our osteopathy clinic in Belgravia, SW1 in Westminster
  • Our osteopathy clinics in Clapham SW4, near Battersea
  • Our osteopathy clinic in Monument EC3, near London Bridge, Bank & Liverpool Street

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