Physiotherapy London Bridge SE1

Physiotherapist in London Bridge SE1, physiotherapy treatments in London Bridge at our clinic at the Light Centre Monument near London Bridge Station, City of London and home visit physiotherapy London Bridge and East London

Our physiotherapists in London Bridge can treat you at our physio clinic in the City of London, near London Bridge station SE1

It is easy to book an appointment with our physiotherapist at our London Bridge physio practice. Just call us on 02071250262 or book online via our online booking system.

Our physiotherapy and osteopathy treatments are covered by most health insurances and are Bupa registered & recognised (BUPA Global and BUPA UK), Axa registered & recognised (AXA International, AXA PPP), Cigna registered & recognised and WPA registered & recognised

If you are an Axa or Bupa patient, you cannot book online.
Please call our office with your authorisation number.

If you cannot find an appointment that suits you, call us or send us a message: we will do our best to find you a slot.

Our London Bridge physios also offer home visit physiotherapy treatment in London Bridge area and anywhere in London and East London

Sometimes our patients are unwilling to travel becausephysiotherapist osteopath they experience pain or discomfort or find it difficult to allocate time of their busy schedules to travel. If this is the case, our physiotherapists can visit you at your home in London Bridge or anywhere else in London. You will receive physio treatment in the comfort of your home where our therapists will help you alleviate your pain or treat any specific concern you may have.

To receive quality physiotherapy treatment at home, book your appointment for a home visit in London Bridge or East London by contacting us on 02071250262.

Our Physiotherapist in London Bridge is available to see you 7 days a week, whether in our London Bridge physio practice or at home

For our physiotherapists at Excellence Physiotherapy our patients are top priority. We are available at any time during the week, including the weekends, whenever you need treatment and advice. We can offer you an emergency appointment if your need of assistance is urgent. We will provide you with a fast and accurate initial diagnosis and offer you the treatment that you need to have you recovered in no time. We use different therapies and techniques to make sure you get back to your daily activities as soon as possible.

MSK & orthopaedic physiotherapy treatment, sports physiotherapy, women’s health & pregnancy physiotherapy, paediatric physiotherapy & postnatal physiotherapy in east London, London Bridge SE1, near London Bridge Station in the City of London, or at your home

Our physiotherapists in London Bridge are specialised and highly trained in the different areas of physiotherapy. We are experienced in Paediatric Physiotherapy for new-born babies and Women’s health related conditions during pregnancy and after giving birth. Our physiotherapists successfully treat patients with sport related injuries. Other areas of physiotherapy that we specialise in are orthopaedic physiotherapy, neuro physiotherapy, and other MSK treatments.

MSK, Post surgery, Sports Physiotherapy rehabilitation London Bridge

One of the most common reasons to seek help from a physiotherapist is when experiencing back, neck or shoulder pain. Our physiotherapists in London Bridge will offer you the treatment that you need to reduce or eliminate the pain and improve your condition in general. We are also experienced in providing treatment and rehabilitation for sports related injuries and our physios will help you recover safely by creating a personalised treatment and rehabilitation plan for you. If you have recently undergone surgery and need post-surgery rehabilitation, we can help with that too by offering a combination of activities and techniques that will improve your strength, balance and mobility and contribute to your full recovery.

Women’s Health Physiotherapy in London Bridge & Postnatal Physiotherapy in London Bridge

At Excellence Physiotherapy some of our physiotherapists specialise in women’s health so for any women’s health related enquiries, please get in touch with us. Our London Bridge physios are experienced in pregnancy and postnatal physiotherapy treatments and can successfully treat postnatal conditions such as incontinence, lower back pain after epidural, diastasis and many others. For women who have recently given birth, we offer a full postnatal assessment and Mummy MOT in London Bridge to discover the cause of any pain or discomfort you may be experiencing and provide you with a personalised treatment to make sure your body recovers fully.

Paediatric physiotherapy London Bridge

We know how important the health of your baby is to you and our paediatric physiotherapists in London Bridge are here to help if you need them. We are highly trained and experienced in the treatment of a variety of conditions in babies. We specialise in paediatric physiotherapy for neuro-motor problems, walking delays,  feet deformities such as club foot, torticollis. Our paediatric physiotherapists will treat your baby with the best possible care to ensure that your bundle of joy improves their health and condition. If you wish to examine the overall physical health of your baby, we offer full baby assessments and Baby MOT that will provide you with an accurate diagnosis if any issue has been identified and the suitable treatment.

Physiotherapist in London Bridge, Opening times

Our physiotherapists in London Bridge are available daily from 8am to 8pm at our physiotherapy practice in London or for a home visit at your home. For any urgent requests, we can offer emergency or last minute appointments during the day, in the evenings or even at the weekends.

Paediatric Physiotherapy London Bridge

Our paediatric specialised physiotherapists experts in baby orthopaedic, neuro-developmental, birth injuries, digestive and chest physio can see your little one in East London in our physio practice in Monument

Women's Health Physiotherapy London Bridge

The best women’s health, pregnancy and postnatal physiotherapists in East London, Monument, are available to see you for pelvic floor rehabilitation, pregnancy care, postnatal treatments, sexual health, fitness and Pilates

Highly trained and qualified physiotherapists in London for MSK & orthopaedic physiotherapy, paediatric physiotherapy, women’s health, pregnancy & postnatal physiotherapy in East London, London Bridge, Bank & Monument

Our specialised physiotherapists provide treatments & rehabilitation services at our practice in London Bridge SE1, within walking distance to London Bridge station. They are also available at two other locations in London: the Light Centre Belgravia SW1 in Westminster near Victoria Station, or Make Me Feel French Pharmacy in Clapham SW4 near Battersea. If your request is urgent or you need a last minute physio appointment or a weekend session, our physiotherapists will be available for a home visit at your home anywhere in London.

For a physiotherapy appointment or more info about our physiotherapists in London Bridge and East London, please call us on 0207 125 0262

Physiotherapy treatments in East London, London Bridge SE1 in the City near London Bridge station, at the clinic or at your home in London

Our certified physiotherapists in London Bridge hold high level qualifications and many years of training & work experience in the field and are able to provide a range of treatments for people with various conditions in London:

MSK physiotherapy in London Bridge SE1

Women’s health & postnatal physiotherapy London Bridge SE1

Sports physiotherapy in London Bridge SE1

Paediatric physiotherapy in London Bridge SE1

Neuro physiotherapy in London Bridge SE1

For more information about our physio practice in London Bridge SE1, to book a physio session at the practice or at home in London, please call 0207 125 0262

If you are an Axa or Bupa patient, you cannot book online.
Please call our office with your authorisation number.

If you cannot find an appointment that suits you, call us or send us a message: we will do our best to find you a slot.

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