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Reviews about Excellence Physiotherapy

“The physio was able to rehabilitate my shoulder which had been unstable and weak after a football accident. He knew how to start with gentle physiotherapy techniques and exercises and was able to get me back to a stage where i can go back to exercise in a better condition. I highly recommend them.”
Saud Mohammed Alsaud, Prince of Saudi Arabia


The physio put me at ease right away, explaining the procedure and our options going forward. During the treatment, he was gentle and kind with my 2-year old daughter. The result was positive: she was able to sleep with much freer lungs and less of the sticky mucus which had made her throw up the previous few nights.”
Tanja Giscard d’Estaing – About the treatment of French president’s granddaughter


“After two sessions, my pelvic floor isn’t about to go on to postgraduate studies but it does feel a bit easier to do the daily “wee workout” and I feel more than equal to sneezing, coughing, maybe even running without fear.”
Emma Bartley, Get the Gloss – Pelvic floor rehabilitation


“Thank you so much to the osteopath, she has been amazing with me. It is a real pleasure to see someone who really like her job and who does it with so much happiness and efficiency. I wish her the best for the future.”
Lorraine O.


“It’s amazing how the right touch can undo years of pain. I can now run and exercise again. Thank you SO much.”
Allan Q – Chronic back pain


“I saw the osteopath during my pregnancy and for my baby. She was able to fix issues that no one else could. Thank you so much, I already recommended you to all my friends.”
Stéphanie P.


“Thank you for sending one of your physios, the session was really efficient.”
Kristelle W – Chest physiotherapy for a 7 months old baby


“Amazing treatment. the physio was knowledgeable, informative, kind and encouraging. She helped me mentally and physically through a very difficult time post birth and made me feel empowered to work with her on my recovery. I can’t recommend her, or indeed thank her enough for the help she gave me.”
Rose L.


The physiotherapist is extremely professional and is so knowledgeable. She really set me at ease and made me feel very comfortable having very uncomfortable treatment. I would recommend her highly to anyone.”
Alice D.


“I’m 34 weeks pregnant and had a treatment with the osteopath this morning. It was fantastic, I left the room feeling light and free from any tension. The osteopath is very knowledgeable in women’s health. She provided lots of exercises I can practice at home to help in the last stages of pregnancy and after birth. I am looking forward to putting them into practice and will definitely recommend her services to other pregnant friends.”
Marion R.


I did my pelvic floor reeducation after the birth of my baby. The physio was kind, reliable and a very good professional. It was clear she had a lot of experience and I felt in very good hands. She really helped me get back in shape and I would recommend her warmly to anyone.
Aurelie R.


I was suffering from SPD during my pregnancy. It was extremely painful but after three sessions with the osteopath I didn’t feel anything for the rest of my term.
Simone P, Swiss Cottage


I am a sports addict and I wanted to go back to exercise as soon as possible after my pregnancy but I knew it wasn’t good for my pelvic floor and abdominals to start again straight away. The team of physiotherapist, Pilates instructor and personal trainer made if safe and possible for me to start training again without any incontinence issues as some of my friends who started by themselves.
Lucy J, Stoke Newington


This team is fantastic! They looked after me during my pregnancy and after the delivery. I had hardly any issues during the pregnancy and nearly no pelvic floor issues after. They made my life as a new mother so much easier.
Alice T, Greenwich


Post natal Pilates was amazing! I’m now back to the body I had before my pregnancy in less than a year.”
Emma T, West Hampstead


I had incontinence after my pregnancy. I though it was normal because I know other women who also had it. Then I discovered the French pelvic floor rehabilitation technique, which helped me immensely to overcome it. If you have recently given birth, give them a call.
Hannah G, Chiswick


The physiotherapist , who is also a Pilates instructor, fixed my diastasis recti with specific exercises, and now my abdominal muscles are strong and flat again.
Tina B, Kentish Town


I had pelvic pain for years and couldn’t find any good treatment until I found Mummy’s Physio & Excellence Physio. Thank you so much guys, both my pain and my stress are gone.
Alison S, Hackney


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