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While giving birth is a wonderful experience, the changes to your body during pregnancy and the labour put a lot of strain on your body and especially your pelvic floor muscles. The change in hormones, the extra weight and the stress of labour will stretch and weaken your pelvic floor muscles. This can lead to conditions such as incontinence, prolapse, back pain and reduced sexual sensation. Although these issues are unpleasant and hard to talk about, they are not irreversible. You might have been told that they are normal “side effects” of giving birth, but you don’t have to suffer for the rest of your life. All these conditions can be treated through physiotherapy, with pelvic floor rehabilitation. Even if you are not a new mother and it has been a while since you gave birth, you can still benefit from physiotherapy and improve your quality of life. It is never too late for pelvic floor rehabilitation, as any issues are likely to get worse with time, due to the weakening aging muscles.

If you are an Axa or Bupa patient, you cannot book online. Please call our office with your authorisation number.

If you cannot find an appointment which suits you or would like a home visit, call us or send us a message: we will do our best to find you a slot.

At Excellence Physiotherapy London, we have a female physiotherapist specialising in pelvic floor rehabilitation. She has years of experience working in the field and can create a tailored programme especially for your needs. She can use different techniques depending on your goals and what methods you feel more comfortable with. These techniques include manual, electrotherapy, bio feedback and hypopressive method. Our London based physiotherapist will also teach you a number of exercises that you can perform in between sessions, to speed up your progress, but also after treatment has been completed, so you can enjoy the long term benefits of pelvic floor re-education.

For electro stimulation and bio feedback we are using the Phenix , one of the most advanced devices for pelvic floor rehabilitation, and we are proud to be the only physiotherapy practice in London to use it.

We can treat our patients at home in London, in order to protect privacy and maximise comfort or at either of the two Light Centre practices: Belgravia near Victoria station, or London Wall near Moorgate station, in the heart of the City. Home visits in London can be very beneficial for new mothers, as they can receive treatment without having to travel or spend a long time away from their new born baby.

What are the pelvic floor muscles?

Pelvic floor muscles are in the core of women’s health, being the muscles that support your organs and are related to your back health and core muscles. Pelvic floor re-education will allow you to regain muscle strength and get rid of the unpleasant conditions described above.

When shall I start pelvic floor exercises?

There is growing support in favour or starting the pelvic floor exercises before childbirth (ante-natal), as the awareness of these muscles will facilitate labour. After childbirth (post-natal) you have to wait at least six to eight weeks before you starting re-education or sports. Starting earlier might have an adverse effect and stretch the perineum further, worsening any symptoms of incontinence etc. that you might experience.

Our physiotherapy and osteopathy treatments are covered by most health insurances and are Bupa registered & recognised (BUPA Global and BUPA UK), Axa registered & recognised (AXA International, AXA ppp), Cigna registered & recognised and WPA registered & recognised

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