Efficient Prolapse Treatment in London: Cystocele or Rectocele


Prolapse, literally meaning “to fall out of place”, is caused by weakening of tissues that supports the pelvic organs or the pelvic floor muscles, resulting in one or more of the pelvic organs pushing against the wall of the vagina.

Pelvic organs include your bladder, uterus and rectum. They are held in place by tissue and the supported from below by the pelvic floor muscles. Weakening of this tissue and muscle may result in prolapse, which will cause discomfort during sex and problems passing urine.

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Many women in London don’t seek treatment for Prolapse, because they feel too embarrassed to speak to their doctor about it, or because they don’t know it’s not a permanent condition. If you think you suffer from prolapse, you should talk to your doctor or physiotherapist in London, as they can help you.

Prolapse can be treated with physiotherapy and exercise. Just like any other muscle, pelvic floor muscles can grow stronger with specialised exercise. Keeping a healthy weight and leading a generally healthy lifestyle can also help. Surgery might also be needed for extreme cases. Physiotherapy treatments will help improve your quality of life in a non invasive manner and help get rid of discomfort long term.

At Excellence Physiotherapy London, we have a specialised female physiotherapist, who offers prolapse treatment in London. She has great experience in pathology and will use a wide range of techniques, from pelvic floor rehabilitation to hypopressive gymnastics, to allow you recover in a fast and safe way. Our London based physiotherapist will also teach you a range of exercises you can perform on your own between sessions. This will help speed up your recovery and it will also help you sustain the results long term, as you can perform these exercises on your own any time.

Treatment can be carried out at your home in London, or at either of the two Light Centre practices: Belgravia near Victoria station, or London Wall near Moorgate station, in the heart of the City, where you can also have access to other services. Home visits can be especially beneficial for new mothers, as they can go through the treatment without having to separate from their new born baby

What are he most common causes of prolapse are?

  • The strain of childbirth, which weakens the pelvic floor. It is not uncommon and it affects up to 50% of women giving childbirth, to some degree.
  • Weakening of pelvic floor muscles in older women, who have gone through menopause.
  • Being overweight.

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