Cellulite & Palper Rouler

Palper Rouler, The most efficient treatment against Cellulite in London

Reduce your cellulite fast with the most effective French method


Cellulite is a problem that affects most women. Hormones, genetics and diet all play a role in the appearance of cellulite. It affects both men and women, but women are a lot more likely to have visible cellulite, irrespective of their age, ethnic origin or weight.

An unhealthy diet, causing a fast degeneration of body cells, can considerably worsen cellulite. When we eat processed food certain toxins are released, which over time will reduce skin elasticity and slow down circulation. This process is called oxidation and cellulite is one of its results. The typical orange peel appearance of cellulite is due to clusters of cells of the hypodermis (the inner surface of the skin) getting harder and adhering to the underneath layer called fascia (the membrane covering and supporting all our organs). Cellulite is also worsened by fat accumulation and bad circulation in certain areas of the body like belly, hips, buttock and thighs.

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Efficient Cellulite treatment to get read of your cellulite in a fast way

Excellence Physiotherapy now offers in London a new massage technique against cellulite, which is proven to be safe and effective. The technique is called Palper-Rouler and it comes from France.

How Palper rouler works? London’s most efficient cellulite treatment

It consists of a manual decompression of the skin causing the breakdown of adhesions and lumps, promoting the dispersion of stored fat cells and stimulating both lymphatic and blood circulation under skin layers.

The Palper-Rouler technique reaches deeply within the skin layers and the tension applied may cause some sore points. It is important that the treatment is delivered by a specialised physiotherapist because this method requires a sound technical knowledge for it to be effective.

This type of massage is best delivered over several sessions and combined with a diet plan. For best results, it is advisable to drink lots of water before and after each session. We offer this treatment at your home in London, so you can be as comfortable as possible during and after the session. However, if you prefer your treatment to be done at the practice, we offer sessions at either of the two Light Centre practices: Belgravia near Victoria station, or London Wall near Moorgate station, in the heart of the City.

Description of the Palper-Rouler technique – London’s most efficient cellulite treatment

During the treatment, the therapist will squeeze the skin and roll it on without releasing, always heading towards the centre of the body so as to follow both lymphatic and blood vessel directions – with a draining effect. At the end of the session, your skin will be warmer due to the friction used in the technique. The slight increase of temperature is the result of stimulation of the microcirculation and the attraction of blood in the area, which promotes the elimination of waste products and toxins.

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