I-Guru – Where Yoga, Meditation and Pilates meet Excellence

I-Guru is a London based company delivering some of the UK’s finest Yoga, Meditation and Pilates anywhere they are needed. Working closely with the team at Excellence Physiotherapy, they specialise in assessing each of their clients prior to beginning any ongoing sessions in order that the sessions are designed to be of particular benefit for the clients needs and goals.


Their philosophy is that before we can know where we are going, we have to know where we are at, in short : ‘Know Yourself’. This philosophy arose from years of practicing Yoga throughout London and the world and realising that there was no real assessments being carried out in Yoga centres for those new to practice or to re-assess where people are at once they have begun. By carrying out a full diagnostic for each client, a complete and holistic practice can be designed that takes into account lifestyle and musculoskeletal factors in order that the development and benefits of practice can be accelerated, maximised and maintained.

How is the service delivered ?

Once a brief conversation or email is received, new clients are required to fill out a short electronic form detailing what they expect or require and when in their weekly schedule they wish to have the ongoing sessions. It may be that the client has a set of goals they wish to achieve or simply require a practice to balance the stresses of life or address a particular ailment. In this case a combination practice may be designed, for example a combination of practices in a week eg. Yoga, Pilates, meditation and focused breath work. Clients can also request teachers based on gender and specialty.

Initial Assessments and Ongoing Sessions

The first client assessment will be carried out by a member of the Excellence Physiotherapy team in person at home or at one of their clinics. This information will be relayed to I-Guru and an ongoing schedule will be agreed at the location (s) the client requests. I-Guru can also source local venues to carry out sessions in if the client does not have a suitable location near their work or home. On summer days sessions can also be arranged outside.

Supporting a Home Practice

I-Guru is committed to helping people with a daily practice. Once their clients are ‘up to speed’ on the basics of practice and their teachers feel they can practice safely at home on their own, sequences can be provided to clients to practice in between sessions with the I-Guru teacher. They use the latest apps which include simple audio instructions and visual avatars to follow in demonstrating each pose in the sequence.

Safe, Efficient, Professional and Considered

Contact: 0203 858 7576 – https://www.i-guru.yoga – https://www.i-guru.yoga/booking/